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Client and Friend

Automobili Lamborghini


"Protecting the world and the environment is a key element of Lamborghini's conduct as an industrial company. We need to make a video where we show all the actions our company takes to be sustainable." This was the Brief that the Lamborghini team gave us in order to best explain what they expected from us.

What we came up with

We came up with the idea of creating a video showing all the strengths of this company, using a dreamy language that could elevate the mechanical processes by making them a dance of lightness and sustainability. The Company pursues a specific business strategy based on the ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) concept, which tells how sustainability lies at the intersection of three factors: the impact on the environment, the social impact, and the more internal aspects of the Company's structure and governance. Lamborghini's objective is to create value through responsible actions towards the world in which it operates and thus contribute to the sustainable development of the Economy and Society.

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