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Client and Friend



Creating a photographic project that aims to tell the story of what, despite the pandemic dominated by long months of lockdown, has never stopped.
Using the new Huawei P50 smartphone to showcase its features and capabilities.

What we came up with

There are two things that cannot be stopped and indeed never have: the body and nature. "The epochs of greatest collective physical and emotional suffering," said historian Philippe de Félice in an article in The New York Times Magazine on the explosion of dance as a form of resistance and self-love in the Covid era, "have always been those in which people dance the most, and rediscover the environment. Nature and bodies flow and keep moving, they live off their energy, they feed off their gesture, without transformation they have no life.

BACK IN MOTION is a photographic project about emptiness and fullness exchanging places in the most vitalistic act linking man and landscape: DANCING AND TRANSFORMING. On one side the trees, the river, the stones, the leaves that store up energy towards spring. On the other, the city, the swing and lindy hop dance schools with their clandestine encounters, the Andean kids rehearsing their choreography, the contemporary dance collectives choreographing their shows.

Everything flows. The unstoppable, it moves.

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